Colin Stanley
Colin Stanley

Meeting Market Demands 

For over 40 years Astraseal has been one of the UK’s largest PVC-u and aluminium window, door and conservatory manufacturers UK.

To maintain their high reputation and product quality, Astraseal fully appreciate the value of cultivating strong meaningful relationships throughout the glazing supply chain. Their relationship with Glazpart has grown since June 2022, when the Building Regulations (Approved Document F – ventilation) changed.

Being a conscientious company and putting their customers first, it was no surprise, that Astraseal made sure they were ahead of the game and most importantly instantly compliant with the incoming legislation. Since the regulatory changes, their windows and doors have Glazpart’s award-winning Link Vent.

The ‘Link Vent’ range sizes include 5000, 4000 and 2500 EQA. Equivalent Area (EQA) is the measure of the vents’ airflow performance. The vents are designed to fully comply with building regulations, Approved document F1 (means of ventilation).

With a clever design that is simple and user-friendly for both opening and closing - the Link Vent’s innovative closing action allows the closure plate to be positioned so that it reduces draughts by directing air away from occupants.

The Link Vent 4000 and 5000 closure plate is split to allow for partial (50%) opening and greater ease of opening of the ventilator.

The Link Vent is available in either screw or clip in fixing types - the design eliminates the need for end caps whilst the clip fix design (Pawl’s) allows for a fast, easy vent installation.

With smart design, easy fitting, and functionality as well as a huge choice of 1000s of colours and decorative finishes, it is easy to see why Astraseal decided to use the Link Vent for its extensive range of windows and doors.

Colin Stanley, Astraseal Operations Director commented, “We have been ordering from Glazpart for a couple of years, so when the regulations changed and came into force last year, it was a very easy decision to upgrade our trickle vent solution to the Link Vent range in order to be fully compliant. With our window and doors being installed with the Link Vent, we are applying a solution that works for installers and homeowners. It is a pleasure to be a Glazpartner and work closer with Glazpart, who can always fulfil our requirements.”