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More sign-ups to VBH’s Q-secure guarantee!

VBH’s Q-secure security guarantee continues to grow strongly with five new fabricators signing up. Tradesmith, Windoworld Leicester, Climatec, Frameline and Nordic Aluminium are among the latest to sign up to the unique multi-brand guarantee. 


This is the sales milestone reached earlier this year of the innovative and game changing trickle ventilator the Link Vent, launched by Glazpart in just 2016. Up to 1,000,000 windows have been fitted with the Link vents across the country. 

Windowlink’s Latest Solid Roof Designer Speeds Up Sales

One of the fastest growing products in the home improvement market is solid roofs. Ideal for both conservatory roof replacements or installing on new conservatories, glazed and traditional extensions. They are the key for installation companies attracting new business. 

Mackenzie Glass Investment Tops Half A Million

Mackenzie Glass’ investment programme has topped more than half a million pounds in less than a year including new laminate cutting capability, IT, fleet and processing equipment, plus the creation of new apprenticeship roles. 




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