How Do You Improve On Perfection?  Give It A Name

How Do You Improve On Perfection? Give It A Name

Iceni windows in Essex have launched five brands to cover five product divisions; Upvc windows, aluminium windows, Flush uPVC windows, Roofs, and Doors. Each product division has a new name and a unique colour in which to identify it by

A new branding philosophy came about when managing director, Paul Foyle, felt his products were seen as merely adequate equals in the market, when in fact he was convinced they were more:

“The confidence we have in our manufactured products has always been there. The performance and quality is self-evident – just ask any of our customers from the last 22 years. This quality comes as standard.”

“The requirement for a brand that supports this ethos was essential: We knew we had to create something special that supported our convictions. Giving them each a brand name attains this necessary level.” says Paul Foyle, Managing Director,

A brand conceived from self belief

It’s an innovative approach within a visually noisy and cluttered marketplace. One we hope is much easier to understand, and customers can revitalise their belief in a fresh branding suite. It differs enough to other brochures for them to be better equipped when it comes to sitting down and closing a sale with the end user.

“Our customers are using the same tired brochures and images as everybody else and this is detrimental to how our product is percieved thoughout the market. The brand had to match its quality and so I designed a concept that takes on a high-end feel. A sleekly branded unique brochure suite makes for a fresh image to bring to the homeowner”

We’re promoting the awareness of how well they are made, and currently no other company has this level of aesthetic for their output.” explains Quentin Radburn, Marketing Manager and primary creator of the brand.

However, Iceni are keen to stress that they’re not undermining the existing strength of the brands they already use, like Rehau or Residence. 

Lee Delapperall, Sales Director, explains, “There is a lot of value attached to the brands of the systems we use and we value the relationships with our suppliers greatly. They are all aware of what we are building and support our newly formed brands.

“The intention is not to sell a different product, but rather accentuate their level of manufacture. It’s comparable to a designer product in that it has the same function, but you know it is in a different class.”

“A sleekly branded unique brochure suite makes for a fresh image to bring to the homeowner”

“These are the same products, but transcend others by simply being made better. Iceni products will meet – and exceed – demands of multiple applications. Everything is encompassed within the range; white upvc to bespoke roofing. Heavy duty and light commercial aluminium for new builds, large-scale refurbishment projects and residential new builds can be catered to.”

The website and brochure suites will be live and available on May 1st