The Benefits Of SBD Membership

The Benefits Of SBD Membership

Working to improve the physical security of buildings using Secured by Design (SBD) accredited products is the reason so many door and window companies are seeing huge benefits in SBD membership.

There has been a significant growth in demand for advice and requests for details of companies that have membership with SBD, which has been evidenced in the increased traffic to the SBD website and the reported increased sales of SBD member’s products.

Knowing that a product is fit for purpose is critical. 

The accreditation scheme Secured by Design operates on behalf of the UK Police Service , provides a recognised standard for all security products, ensuring that they are sufficiently robust to resist physical attack by casual and opportunistic burglars.  It is the only way for companies to obtain police recognition for security-related products in the UK.

The SBD focus is on the critical factors that combine to deliver a product’s performance - design, use, quality control and the ability to deter or prevent crime – and these products or services are known as being of a ‘Police Preferred Specification’.

In addition, the Police Preferred Specification requires regular re-testing and annual inspection of the manufacturing facility (Factory Production Control) to ensure quality and performance are maintained. This provides assurance that products have been produced under a controlled manufacturing environment in accordance with the specifier’s aims and minimises misrepresentation of the products by unscrupulous manufacturers/suppliers and leads to the delivery, on site, of a more secure product.

Every day Police Designing Out Crime Officers are collaborating closely with builders, developers, local authorities and housing associations to incorporate SBD’s police crime prevention standards into buildings. The police service signpost customers looking for security products to, where a comprehensive list of the 700 companies that produce the products that meet SBD Police Preferred Specification can be found. Each company has its own page on the SBD website giving full details of the company, contact information and a detailed list of all their SBD accredited products.

SBD represents a powerful, trusted brand which inspires greater public confidence in products. For SBD membership or technical enquiries, visit