Face-to-face is best

Face-to-face is best

Sarah Ball, Joint MD at Balls2 Marketing and ‘Chief PiG’ at the People in Glazing Society (PiGs), explains the importance of meeting face-to-face.

When the Covid pandemic pretty much stopped the world in its tracks four years ago, and nearly everyone was made to work from home, one thing a lot of people said they missed was being able to have a conversation face-to-face.

It is for sure something we took for granted. Something so small, but so meaningful. Yes, apps like Zoom, and subsequently Teams to name a couple, gave us a way of creating a means to an end by having virtual meetings, catchups etc.

And now, although the team at Balls2 Marketing work from the office, they still use Teams for that instant messaging both in the office and even more when they are out on the road or in a meeting for example.

But there is absolutely no denying that speaking to someone in person is just what us humans were meant to do.

This is backed up by our first PiGs networking event of the year that took place In Birmingham recently.

Yes, we are four years on from the pandemic, but the appetite for in-person networking and socialising is obviously still so strong within our industry.

We had a record turnout for the event, with an all-time high of 186 pre-registrations for the event. But in fact, we had over 200 in attendance, all there to meet up with friends, colleagues, customers, or the chance to link up with potential new clients and fellow industry professionals.

The chance to just to have an informal chat with industry peers, over a few drinks, is something that I think we probably took for granted prior to 2020.

But not now. These type of meetings, and more formal meetings and conferences like the FIT Show, Glazing Summit and the like, are all prime examples of why face-to-face is best.

I’m sure there’s much research that has been done about being able to read body language, and not having to say: “you’re on mute”, but in a relaxed environment, I believe enjoying a person’s company is how it is meant to be.

And on that note, we hope we can see many faces new and old at our next networking event in Bristol on 13 June. Your industry colleagues will be there, will you?

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