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Dekko Customers Sell More ‘Smart Doors’ Thanks To Kubu Product Samples

There has been a lot of buzz around ‘smart’ windows and doors over the last few years, and one company that has fully embraced this new technology is premium product fabricator Dekko Window Systems.
Dekko were one of the launch partners for Kubu – the Smart-Equipped Lock from Avantis Hardware – and since 2019, it has come as a standard feature on all their PVC and composite entrance doors. 
The fabricator is keen to help their trade customers sell as many smart equipped doors as possible, which is why they have spent the last few months providing installers with product samples and marketing materials, enabling them to explain the benefits of smart tech to the end-user. 
Dekko Sales Director Kurt Greatrex comments: “Working closely with Avantis, we’ve been dishing out Kubu lock samples and brochures to some of our key customers and the response has been fantastic – we’ve experienced a surge in orders and interest is growing by the day.”
The hardware can be incorporated into the design of almost any entrance door – a smart sensor is attached to the door, which is then linked to the homeowner’s smartphone. The homeowner can then check the status of the door at any time, from any location. 
Once the Kubu-equipped door is installed, customers can purchase a Home Hub. They can then connect this to their home wi-fi, download the app to their smartphone, and fit the door module into their equipped door lock. 
A sensor inside the door module is then activated every time the door is locked or unlocked. The activation sends a signal to the user’s smartphone, alerting them of the door activity. 
Fitting Kubu equipped doors doesn’t require any extra installation time – simply fit the door as normal, as the Kubu door lock is supplied ready to be activated. 
In addition, once set up, installers won’t have to worry about it again – with a dedicated Kubu support team to answer questions, they won’t have to take on any technical queries from customers. 
Kurt concludes: “If you’re interested in learning more about smart tech or would like to take advantage of our Kubu product samples or marketing materials, please don’t hesitate to get in touch – we’d be delighted to help.”
For more information contact Dekko on 0161 406 0055 or visit






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