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Planet Roofing Has Moved!

Having been around for over twenty years now,  Planet Roofing  have been through their fare share of growing pains.  One of the problems with growing is how to expand. Paul Rickman, MD comments:
“We had out grown our old factory yet again and needed more space  but this time we decided  it would be our own place. Owning our own factory outright means anything we do to the place in the future is money in our business  and not the pocket of the landlord.”
“There are few Glass Roof fabricators in this part of the country so we wanted to stay in the Southeast.  Freehold units don’t come up to often, so when we saw this unit in Basildon we grabbed it! The  1960’s unit was the old building for Ilford Films Studios so it has amazing natural light with large areas of glass on the sides and above.” 
Tuffex, who supply all of Planet Roofing’s glass,  supplied their new  Ambi-Ultra glass which reflects 60% of the suns glare and gives a dark mirror effect from the outside. “Thank you Tuffex you are a great supplier!  The glass in addition to the black cladding and the black aluminium windows gave the unit a really prestigious, if not a little Death-Star like, feel.”  
“The aluminium windows were supplied by Imperial Glazing of Ilford, they did an amazing  job delivering them on time and on the last day before the Covid Lock down happened.  A big thank you fellas, you are an awesome company. “
“Now we are finally all moved in we are ready to launch our new range of aluminium Skylights for 2021.  With the new factory we have lowered our overheads and that helps us to lower the prices on our products.






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