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Tommy Trinder’s Magic Paintbrush - A “Game Changer” When Modelling Colour Options For Clients.

Long gone are the days when windows were white or woodgrain. But since colour exploded onto the scene installers have struggled to find ways to demonstrate the burgeoning range of options that are available.
Enter The Magic Paintbrush from Tommy Trinder; a slick, one click function that allows users of their Framepoint app to suite the colour of all items in a quote in seconds.
One click on The Magic Paintbrush and you have the option to suite the colour of all items in a quote; frames, sashes, cills, add-ons, internal and external finishes can all be cloned in a click. Colours can be applied regardless of material or product type. For example, if your quote includes an Aluminium bifold, PVCu door and some timber sash windows you can suite the colour of all those items in one go by clicking The Magic Paintbrush. Photos of the client’s home are simultaneously updated too, allowing customers to visualise the effect of their colour choices in real time; a source of wonder for homeowners according to founder, Chris Brunsdon: "There's real wow factor to our new Magic Paintbrush feature," says Chris. "There's lots of ooohhhs and ahhhsss when you show homeowners how their house looks in a range of colours, in a click!”
With over 170 foil choices within Framepoint, and well over 500 paint finishes - the firm felt it was important to be able to navigate options quickly: "Saving time is one of the number 1 priorities amongst Framepoint users," explains Chris. "We see this launch as the first in a series of updates that internally has come to be known as the "Save Hours Suite". Further development of this feature will allow Framepoint users to clone any aspect of an item instantly; for example, with one click to modify leads, Georgians, handle choices, joint types, mouldings etc across an entire quote composed of any product and in any material.”
The Framepoint® app is available by subscription from £95 a month. Installers can find out more at






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