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Bi-Folding Door Evolution

With a host of brand-new Innovations MFT brings a premium bi-folding door into the market at a price point to make it the buyers “natural selection”
Made for Trade are getting ready to launch the second product in the award winning Korniche systems range, the much-anticipated Korniche bi-folding door. This brand-new product makes many of the 2019 concept doors features a production reality, and with them come some significant new innovations to benefit installers, resellers, and end users alike.
One of the key features of the new door showcased with great success at the 2019 FIT, is the true all aluminium clip bead with pre-fitted gasket, a feature which really upholds the Faster USP.  
This allows the doors to be literally glazed in seconds and significantly decreases the time spent on site, maximizing that all important margin for the installer.The new product is also going to be Safer. This is down to PAS24 as standard on every door set and MFT’s ‘safety for no extra cost’ delivery innovation. Look out in the coming weeks for full details on the new features which make the Korniche bi-folding door Faster, Warmer, Slimmer, Stronger and now Safer than the competition. 
Made for Trade took the Origin of the product and evolved it into the next generation of bi-folding doors; they would like to even think Charles Darwin would be proud!
MFT claims their business ethos of the best products, at the best prices all backed up by the best service in the industry will be reflected clearly in their fantastic new premium doors which, like the lantern roof, will come in at a trade price point that cannot be ignored.
Be one of the first to find out further details on the exciting new Korniche aluminium bifolding door by registering your interest at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or calling MFT on 01642 610 799






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