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Winner Winner

The winner of February’s Custom Fit and Built SeeMore Putter competition is Tim Price from Kingsway Glazing of Tamworth, Staffs.  
Anne Fernn spoke with Tim to congratulate him on being selected from all the entrants by a random number generator and arranged the fitting.  During the conversation it came to light that Tim is a Left Handed player and luckily for him this didn’t phase us as we have a good selection of Left Handed putters available.  
Tim was presented Seemore Putters great selection of left handed heads and grip options, which enabled him to peruse them fully prior to the fitting taking place in April.  Tim took some photos of his preferred head option, which is the Black Classic Series Si5 along with the SeeMore 75g red grip and commented that he was pleasantly  surprised at the selection available, because as a member of arguably Birmingham’s most prominent golf course, he is lucky if he gets a choice of more than one of anything in left handed!
We agreed with Tim that, subject to restrictions, on the 19 April we will be able to welcome him to the studio for a full fitting to confirm his exact requirements for length, loft and lie prior to customising his putter. 
Tim commented on his win: “Being an avid Vision reader for many years it was great to see a golf competition in the magazine. With nothing to lose I thought I’d have a go and was ecstatic to find out I had won! Anne showed me their range of putters and being a ‘lefty’ I was apprehensive that the putter I wanted wouldn’t be available for me. Infact 75% of their putters are available in left hand which is great. I’m looking forward to the custom fit and the benefits this will bring to my putting once we get back on the courses!”






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