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Create Opportunities And Maximise Potential Webinar

I have taken hundreds of thousands of pounds in work out of the LinkedIn platform. I believe it’s very easy to do, I certainly don't believe there is any magical trick. There’s no arguing that I have used the platform to created many sales opportunities, I've actually done it but crucially I believe everyone can do it too, so here goes...
On Friday 16th April I will be hosting a web seminar in which  I will get straight to the point with no filter and a  no BS approach on how I have created 100's of thousands of revenue for my business over the last 2 years while doing things my way.
Do I believe anyone can do the same? Yes. Not only has it created a massive amount of revenue buts it's also opened up so many opportunities whilst becoming friends with so many like-minded individuals.
Do I know all the hacks, shortcuts and how to beat the algorithm?  No. but I'm proof that anyone with zero marketing qualifications can make this platform work in magical ways.
This webinar will motivate you out your skin to go and smash LinkedIn to pieces. We've taken £109k in sales since 02/01 alone and over 300k in the last 18 months. So if you want to join me and maybe learn something you didnt know already, here are the details:

Create Opportunities And Maximise Potential Webinar

Fri, 16 April 11:00 – 12:30 
Online Event £43.71
If you don't come off the LinkedIn seminar with fire in your belly, and a refreshed outlook about this platform, I will be shocked.
Craig Brookes, Sales Director
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