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Curo, Emplas And Kubu For A Smarter New Build Standard

Curo Group have become the first housebuilder in the UK to provide PVC doors equipped for Kubu smart-sensor technology as standard on all new sites, in partnership with their manufacturing partner, Emplas.
Curo Group is a West of England Housing Association that own a range of property, from starter homes to Grade I Listed Buildings, in locations from rural villages to city centres. In recent years they along with other housebuilders have moved into new technologies with future-proofing for smart-tech high on the agenda. 
Kubu is a pioneer in the smart-sensor market for doors, and with over 18 months in the field of testing and development behind them, they are now fully assured of a product that works exceptionally. Curo will be promoting the Kubu Starter Kit’s at the point of house reservation, so the new homeowners can activate the smart-sensors on the day they move in. As a forward-thinking window and door manufacturer, Emplas have led the way in increasing the product adoption of Kubu and with the window sensor just a matter of months away it could be great news to all those associated with the brand. Ryan Johnson, MD of Emplas commented: ‘Housebuilders are looking for differentiation like everyone else. Smart technologies deliver that and Kubu is the perfect fit. Being able to offer house buyers access to a tech and app that allows them to monitor the permitter security for their home is a major selling point in new build - or for that matter retail.’ 
Mark Bromley, CEO of Kubu added: ‘This is major news for the industry as the first housebuilder is now specifying doors that are Kubu equipped from Emplas. With the window variant just a matter of months away, we believe 2021 is the year that smart-sensor technology comes of age for this industry.’
For information on Emplas please visit For further information on Kubu please visit, e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 0330 555 9545 for a free information pack. You can also follow them on all leading social media platforms @KubuSmart. 






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