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Google Maps The Latest In A System That Never Stops Evolving

Long term AdminBase user Bradley Scott Windows says Maps are an excellent addition.
Having adopted the web-based version of AdminBase last year after running their business using the popular installer management system for more than 5 years, Andy Farrington, boss of Tamworth-based Bradley Scott Windows says that the latest changes, including Google Maps, have “made a great system even better”.
Google Maps is an integrated feature of the web-based AdminBase: “The Google Maps feature is fantastic. Although we are still learning how to get the most out of it, we can look at the map and immediately see when and more importantly, where, our sales calls, surveys and installations are scheduled,” said Andy. “We can then plan further calls for our teams to make the most efficient use of their time, and of course, we can tell our customers when we can be with them, immediately.”
A further feature of Google Maps on AdminBase is the facility to schedule demo calls. By including specific details of installations already carried out, users at Bradley Scott can see at-a-glance where installations of, for example, bi folding doors, are in proximity to an enquirer, allowing the most convenient viewings to be scheduled.
Andy is an avid fan which he says has been continuously updated in the time they have been working with the system, changing to the web-based version when it was released in 2020.
“With the changing rules of working under the pandemic it allowed us to keep on top of the business from anywhere, which gave us the added flexibility we needed.”  
Andy says that the support provided by An Initio Systems, the company behind AdminBase is excellent: “Through regular, online update sessions we are constantly discovering more features and improved, slicker ways of doing things,” added Andy. 






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