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Modplan Becomes A Member Of Manufacturing Wales

Trade fabricator Modplan has become a member of Manufacturing Wales, a prestigious association representing the vision and ambitions of manufacturers across Wales. 
Both David Burles and Heidi Sachs of Modplan are delighted to have become members.  Heidi said: “We are immensely proud of our Welsh heritage and delighted to have gained membership.  We take our responsibilities in manufacturing very seriously and it was important for us to join a highly recognised and revered Welsh association that helps support local manufacture.”
Manufacturing Wales’ mission is to promote best manufacturing practices across the Welsh community by being a recognised voice of the sector. The collaborative consortium was created specifically to help meet the needs of the Welsh-based manufacturer, raising the credibility of Welsh brands, maximising supply chain opportunity and building-in resilience for member organisations.  In doing so, the collaborative association brings together ideas, innovation and best practices across the Welsh manufacturing community.
Modplan manufactures a comprehensive range of window, door and conservatory products across their multi-site fabrication plant near Newport, South Wales. The overreaching aim of the business is to ensure they consistently offer the best in product quality for their trade customers. Alongside its comprehensive product range, the company is famous for its partnership approach, which extends to marketing, technical and training support to add value to an installer’s business.
The company has been an important part of Welsh manufacturing for nearly five-decades and the membership into Manufacturing Wales demonstrates the importance they place on their heritage and supporting local manufacturing businesses. 






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