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Tradesmith Invests to Follow The Money and Grow

“When the market moves, it makes sense to move and follow the money too,” says Tradesmith MD Mark Hutchinson.  “As a premium quality, trade fabricator serving the South East, we’d stuck with a successful formula and our suppliers for 25 years. But in the last five our market changed. Demand for colour and high-end windows and doors has grown fast while the commodity white window market has dropped. Customers wanted products and a service that gave them the edge so they could grow profitably.
“To give them that, we added the brands with colour and an edge, plus an Amazon-style delivery service that we’re used to in our personal lives. Deceuninck Heritage, R9, R7, Masterframe vertical sliders and Solidor are brands that open doors and help installers sell to The Haves.” 
The Haves are the homeowners whose spending has driven the demand for colour and high-end windows and doors. They’re predominantly the over 55s, whose homes are appreciating in value, who want to make them look even more beautiful. 
“We invested £130,000 in expanding the factory to 18,000ft2, in new machinery, and in rebranding and signage to refresh the look of the delivery fleet and factory. If you’re anywhere in the South East keep an eye out for our striking livery. Upgrading the two showrooms is next on our list. 
“With our great choice of brands,” Mark states, “Tradesmith is now the leading supplier of colour in the South East, offering the same lead times for colour as standard white windows and doors. And customers can choose between our standard fast delivery, and Amazon-style 3 Day delivery or Next Day service to meet any need. ”
To help you follow the money, call 01323 849123, visit and follow @TradesmithLtd 






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