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Lumi2 Shines at Debut Installation

The radical Lumi frameless window system from Apeer has been a runaway success, and now its successor, the retrofit-friendly Lumi2 has begun to cause as much of a stir, even after its debut installation. 
Dublin-based Harvest Energy was the first to put in the new system and immediately won another order on the strength of it, with a third signed up soon after. 
Lumi2 was designed with retrofit in mind, with its slimmer 70mm outerframe depth and 28mm double glazing, but as Harvest owner Jason Peters explained, that is only one of two major benefits the system has for retailers:
“Of course, it opens up a whole new market, but it also gives an extra, mid-range price point. The systems look pretty much the same when they’re installed but the price difference gives a big advantage. It gives us something no one else can offer and by the way things are going, we are looking to Lumi making up 20% of our business by next year.”
Apeer MD Asa McGillian said that with Lumi2 working out around a third less than the original, the potential for cost saving – including combining both systems in a single installation – is proving to be an added draw for many installers:
“The core purpose of evolving the Lumi system into Lumi2 was to make it more compatible with domestic retrofit. Also because the two have the same external appearance, they can be used in combination, for example with the additional soundproofing of the original at the front of a house, then Lumi2 at the back.”
Lumi2 has a number of additional benefits, especially for retrofit, such as arched frames, trickle vents and baypoles.
For more information, contact: Linda Tomb, Marketing Manager, Apeer Doors, Woodside Industrial Estate, Woodside Road, Ballymena, BT42 4HQ   Tel: 08456 729 333   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..






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