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Force 8 arched composite doors and profile bending article

Profile bending company Force 8 is constantly developing their innovative ideas and techniques to further improve their manufacturing capabilities. 
This enables them to create the perfect arch frames with matching arched composite doors, which can improve the appearance and aesthetics of even the most modest of homes. 
The company uses state of the art techniques, allowing for lengths of up to 6500mm to be curved in a single length. Welds and steel reinforcements are used where possible, creating the true radius of the arch.  This process is unique to the company and offers a structurally stronger frame to the correct measurements and is available in VEKA Halo or system 10 profile, all available from stock.  
All of Force 8’s doors are available in wood grain, and a range are available with their newly developed smooth finish, giving the impression of an aluminium door with all the thermal benefits of a composite door. 
If you were to purchase a real aluminium door, it would cost three to four times more than a Force 8 smooth composite door.   
Force 8 have also recently developed the Versace door, which was based on a customers particular needs.  The part arched composite door is set within a full arched frame, but is set off centre giving the entrance a contemporary edge. By listening to their customers the company is able to develop new ideas and designs that people actually want. The first rule of business is finding out what your customers needs are, and then delivering them.
Contact Force 8 to discuss their many arched composite door options and how they can produce a design for you on 0161 483 1997, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.






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