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The Residence Collection Gets Expansive on Social

The Residence Collection is one of the most highly visible brands from the glazing and fenestration sectors across all social media platforms and are reaching more consumers and influencers than ever before. 
This is helping to drive greater demand for their unrivalled range of premium and super-premium window and door systems. 
With presence on Instagram, Pinterest, Houzz, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and through their Wordpress Blog, they have created an enviable campaign with a reach and penetration equivalent to some of the highly aspirational consumer brands including AGA, OKA and Wren Kitchens. Facebook is proving to be the most successful consumer platform with over 38k likes, consistently achieving an audience reach of over 250k each week and comparatively, AGA have 59k Wren Kitchens 37k and OKA 24k likes. It’s also more than national sofa giant DFS who boast 34k likes!
The Residence Collection is changing the way in which consumers view windows and doors, which were once a distress purchase and a necessity. Now our premium and super premium window and doors are seen as highly desirable and aspirational home improvements, alongside stylish kitchens and boutique bathrooms.
Sarah Hitchings, sales and marketing director of The Residence Collection commented: ‘Our social media penetration is unrivalled in this sector, genuinely challenging the typical consumer brands of AGA etc. Throughout all of our marketing campaigns and deliverables we have the consumer foremost in our minds, challenging how windows and doors are made, marketed and installed “The Way They’re Meant To Be.”
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