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VEKA locks down patio door enhancement to achieve PAS 24

The team at  VEKA Group know that seemingly small changes can have a BIG impact. 
A new upgrade to the Imagine Patio Door means that a simple, yet innovative locking kit can ensure it meets all the requirements of PAS 24.
Marketing Director Dawn Stockell explains: “When choosing a partner for this technical project, we turned to the experience of ERA to help develop the upgraded lock.Instead of a tricky and unsightly add on - like a plunge bolt - together, we designed a simpler means to achieve PAS 24 and compliance with Doc Q thanks to a lock kit that is contained within the workings of the door.
“The new locking kit brings a host of benefits for everyone in the supply chain. For fabricators, it offers the same simple fabrication as the standard Imagine Patio Door (aside from fitting lock extensions and keep plates) and there’s no need to route through profile and steel reinforcement sections to accommodate plunge bolts and additional locking devices.
“For installers, it requires only the standard patio installation technique, with no time spent aligning hook locks or plunge bolts and no issue of being called back to rectify locking mechanisms if doors move due to thermal expansion.
“Finally, for homeowners and commercial customers, the Door and lock are easy to operate with an extended lever on the handle to reduce operating forces. It offers aesthetically pleasing sightlines, with no unsightly locks on the face of profiles and no fiddly plunge bolts to operate to achieve secure closure.“
Plus, there’s the peace of mind that the door is covered by ERA’s 5 Star Security Guarantee against break in. 
For more information contact 01282 716611 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,






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