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Boing Boing Group Have a Spring in Their Step

West Midlands’ based Boing Boing Group are preparing for further growth. Led by industry stalwart Gary Morton and his management team, the group took Central RPL two years ago and set about turning it into one of the UK’s leading PVC-U trade fabricators. 

Following significant investment, a system switch and a sharp focus on customer service, they’re already well on the way to that goal.
Further additions to the group – Central ASL and Central Inspired – follow the same theme. Central ASL was launched in 2017 to provide aluminium doors and windows to customers, allowing them to take advantage of new market opportunities. Soon to be launched Central Inspired builds on the group’s relationship with industry colour specialists Kolorseal, to provide a marketing-backed, end-to-end coloured frame service. 
Gary comments: “Despite the growth of high-end PVC-U and aluminium, there’s still a lack of confidence in the window and door market; just look at the problems some of the majors are facing. However we’ve worked hard as a group to energise our business so that in a challenging market we’ve continued to grow.
“We’ve done it through focusing solely on our customers – what they want and need, what problems they face and – most importantly – how we can help them. We’ve also changed and expanded our product range, identifying and manufacturing products for our customers rather than trying to find customers for our products.”
Gary concludes: “In a changing market installers have to adapt, and fabricators have to adapt with them. Change happens fast and you need a strong product offering backed by experienced people whose only concern is supporting customers. That’s exactly what we’ve built here at the group.”






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