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VEKA Group has no reservations

VEKA hosted representatives from the Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment to give staff chance to find out more about joining the Army Reserve.
The company was recently presented with a Bronze Award Certificate from the Ministry of Defence for pledging to support those who serve. Operations Director Paul Armstrong welcomed the soldiers on site before employees were encouraged to visit the stand and find out about the part-time opportunities available within the Army Reserve.
Captain Mark Lydiate headed up the recruitment team: “It’s great when forward-thinking organisations like VEKA invite us on site to speak to staff. Joining the Army Reserve can be incredibly beneficial, both for individuals and their employers. As well as the benefits of travel, adventure and extra pay, there’s a huge range of training opportunities with qualifications that are directly applicable to civilian jobs.
The minimum amount of time that you have to commit is just 27 days per year. So you can see how easily it can work alongside another job.
“Events like this, gives us the time to answer questions about anything. The lads from the factory were interested in the weapons we brought on site and so they were able to feel the weight of the guns, helmets and kit bags for themselves.
“We were also able to highlight more benefits; like the 30 reservists we took on ski training trip to France and those that have been put through their driving test, at no cost to them. Not to mention the fact that reservists get paid to train, and earn tax-free ‘bounties’ that increase in each successive year.”






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