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Window Warehouse Goes From Strength To Strength - Remi Cake, Operations Director

In recent years, the team here at Window Warehouse has gone from strength to strength. In the face of the pandemic we adapted, evolved and continued to grow. Our company is now at new heights, having recently launched a stunning new vertical sliding window onto the market.
This strength in growth is the product of hard work and exceptional customer service. Since 1986 we’ve continued to expand at a consistent rate, and are now the leading supplier of uPVC and aluminium windows and doors for the Southeast of England.
We are a family run business with customer care at its core and are always looking for ways to improve our services and streamline the manufacture and supply processes for our valued customers. As part of this, we work tirelessly to stabilise our prices as best we can and were recently able to implement a price decrease courtesy of a raw material surcharge.
To remain one step ahead of our competition we continue to invest heavily in ourselves. In the space of 12 months we have not only expanded our aluminium production facility, but purchased two new saws and a CNC machining centre. Further investment has been made in the uPVC production by way of a new Stuga and an end miller. We have also purchased state of the art machinery required for the vertical slider range and undertaken extensive training. 
We continue to invest and excel digitally and have a free to use quoting engine on our website and an online ‘Find an Installer’ tool for homeowners, making it incredibly easy for our customers to be connected with end users that love our products. We’re truly here to help build your business and to help you thrive. We care!
Having established an exceptional reputation in Hampshire and the Southeast, we are keen to expand Westerly and to offer our new and existing customers an ever growing portfolio of quality products. 
Make sure to watch this space! There is plenty more to come in 2022.






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