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Pyramid Aluminium Launch New Easy-Click Glazing Bead

Pyramid Aluminium are helping make installers’ lives easier with their new easy-click glazing bead. SlimFold, the innovative new bi-fold door with 100mm sightlines, features the new bead system which makes glazing aluminium bi-folds as easy as PVCu, to drastically reduce installation time. 
“When we spoke to our installer customers, we knew they wanted to simplify the process of glazing aluminium bi-folds, which is why the easy-click bead was an essential feature for us,” says Paul Bailey, Managing Director.
“Our SlimFold door is built to ensure a smooth and easy installation, and the new bead system clicks easily into place to help save valuable time on site and generally make fitters’ lives much easier.”
Along with the glazing bead, Pyramid also pre-assemble and inspect all their doors on a vertical jig before delivery, all with the aim of making it easy for installers to get into aluminium, something which Paul says has been the aim since they started the aluminium side of the business. 
“Since day one, we wanted to make fitters more confident about installing aluminium,” he adds. “Many of our PVCu customers are a bit hesitant about going into this market, but our easy-click glazing bead and pre-assembled doors make fitting aluminium bi-folds quick and easy.
“Pre-assembling our doors provides installers valuable peace of mind that we are testing products before we deliver so the job goes smoothly for customers.”






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