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New Easy To Use Ordering System

Glassinfo are pleased to announce the 2022 version of Glassinfo, a cost effective software system that makes it easy to order sealed units, window frames or both.
As we move into challenging times where budgets are becoming more restricted to cope with rising inflation, Glassinfo wanted to try and offer a new affordable option for SME’s and local Window Installer .
“The idea for a new system came in 2020 when we were tasked by a client of 20 years, to write a cost-effective sealed unit ordering system” explains Managing Director Paul Thompson. “It had to be simple and easy to use, especially for installers using a mobile phone on site.
We expanded on this idea so that a similar system could also be used for ordering window frames. With a 20-year background in the glass and glazing industry, we knew that each business has its own unique and individual requirements, so we did not wish to produce a direct off the shelf package, but something more special that could be customised to suit each client’s individual requirements, making it unique to them and branded to their business.”
Glassinfo is ideal for SME manufacturers of window frames or sealed units that want a cost effective ordering system for customers. 
Glassinfo is mobile friendly and features full account history for both the manufacturer and customers with the option of a built-in payment system.
Users of Glassinfo can easily add options to orders including glass specification, spacer bar width  and leaded/Georgian bars with a facility to upload drawings of dimensions. Additional info like client name and on site location can be added to each unit/frame and also additional items can be added to previous orders.
“Glassinfo is hosted on our cloud server so it stands separate from your own website or Facebook page. It can also have different levels of access for shop floor staff and office staff, orders can also be exported as a .CSV file to be imported into your own in-house software.
As one of the UK’s oldest webdesign companies we can also develop a new and modern website with an optional SEO package to help increase online traffic to your website. This can be further enhanced with specially designed social media marketing to also increase followers and website traffic.
All our websites are developed using Joomla CMS which is purpose built for modern websites, making them easy to maintain. As a Joomla specialist we can develop and train you/staff on your website so you can make your own amendments and edits if you so choose to keep your site up to date and fresh. Or we can maintain the site for you with frequent changes and updates to keep your visitors engaged with recent content and images of your work.
During development we work with you to discuss what is best for you and your website, everybody is different and have their own vision of how they like a website to look, so use us as your tool and guide to help you choose the best way forward. 
With our industry background combined with our extensive online experience it is our mission to help your business grow with a successful online support package and keep you as a client for years to come, just like Vision Magazine who have been with us now for 25 years….
So, If you have been wasting your time on free to build websites packages such as Wix or Squarespace then maybe it is time to let us do what we do best in managing your website while you get on with doing what you do best in running your business.
Glassinfo software and a new (or revamped) website can be purchased on a monthly payment plan to help spread the cost. Hosting is free for 2 years and you can have unlimited email addresses for your account with a control panel to administer your account.
To discuss a quote, you can contact me Paul Thompson directly on 07885726819 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.






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