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Modplan Adds New Leka Ecotech Roofing System To Its Portfolio

Trade fabricator Modplan has just extended its Leka roofing products by adding the new Leka ecotech roofing system to its portfolio. 
Heidi Sachs, Managing Director at Modplan, said: “The new Leka ecotech roof is one of the most technologically advanced roofing systems on the market today, achieving a u-value of 0.15w/m2k whilst being incredibly economic in the process.” 
The roof is the latest innovation from Leka Systems and uses the same technological innovation as the Leka Warm Roof and is manufactured from a structurally tested, high grade GRP profile system.  Heidi said: “Because Leka roofing products are manufactured from high grade GRP, they eliminate cold bridging and condensation which you can often see in roofs constructed using aluminium and timber. Plus, they are thermally efficient by design which makes them an attractive proposition for customers.”
The reason Leka products are such a powerful addition to any installer’s portfolio is their lightweight construction and the new ecotech is no exception. Heidi said: “All Leka roofs are up to 40% lighter than other replacement roof solutions so in most retro-fit projects, the existing conservatory frames are able to take the weight of the new roofing system without needing additional reinforcement. It frees up installers to design incredible solutions for consumers because their imagination is the limit, not the product.”
Heidi also highlighted the ease of installation: “Installation is simple, which saves time and money on site and helps installers to increase productivity and profitability, which we know are more important than ever at the moment.”
Like all Modplan’s products, the new Leka ecotech roof will be manufactured in the company’s dedicated state-of-the-art roofing facilities at its multi-site manufacturing headquarters near Newport, Gwent. The company also offers exceptional sales, marketing and service support to enable installers to make the most of the opportunities on the market.   
Heidi concluded: “We were the first fabricator to take Leka Systems products because we could see how their innovation could open up opportunities for our customers. Modplan’s aim is to continually deliver the products our customers need to stand out in a competitive market. And by adding the new ecotech roof system to our portfolio, our customers have the best in thermally efficient roofs that open up additional opportunities for them.”






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