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Done Deal for GAP Dundee

GAP, the trade specialists in low maintenance building products, have opened their 9th depot in Scotland. 
After months of preparation, GAP have opened their newest depot, in Dundee, creating local jobs and easier access to low maintenance building products for installers and homeowners in the historic city.
Not only are GAP excited to be opening a new depot in the region, but the trade specialists will utilise an entirely new digital depot concept, which has been successfully trialled at other locations in Deeside and Doncaster.
The new depot features digital screens within the trade counter to showcase the wide range of products sold by GAP, rather than through installed sample products within the depot. It allows the team to show potential customers the vast range of products sold, from products manufactured in-house such as Rockdoor, GRP Composite Doors and Bi Folds, to products the business distributes such as Silicone and Fixings. 
Speaking about the exciting times ahead, Simon Bird, GAPs MD, described why the latest depot opening could be one of the most influential: “We’ve always wanted to strengthen our presence in Scotland to improve the service we provide our customers. So, it made perfect sense to open in Dundee, which plugs the gap between our depots in Aberdeen and Dunfermline.  
“We are also pleased to be able to open another depot in our new format, which embraces digital communication, to allow us to show our customers the range of products we supply. This simply wouldn’t be possible with a more traditional showroom, due to the footprint this requires in the trade counter, so we’ve invested in digital to allow us to carry more stock in the warehouse and store more windows, doors and bi folds that our customers can collect.
“Now we feel we have the depot concept right at Dundee, we’ll move forward faster and open more depots throughout 2022.” 
GAP Dundee is now open on Dryburgh Industrial Estate just off the A90, where their dedicated team are ready to welcome existing customers that we currently serve, together with new customers within the new area. 






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