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BetweenGlassBlinds Launches the Vision Fund

BetweenGlassBlinds is dedicated to being an active member of both our local community and the glass and glazing network. As such, we have created the Vision Fund, our way of giving back and supporting charitable causes both close to home and further afield. 
Is your company or a member of your team a Community Hero?  BetweenGlassBlinds wants to support community superstars, so if you are running a half marathon, jumping out of a plane, or abseiling down a building to raise money for a charity close to your heart, let us know.  The Vision Fund allows intrepid people to apply for up to a £100 donation for their fundraiser! Simply email us with the details of your charity participation, and we will regularly choose a selection of heroes to support.
We are currently accepting submissions.  Selections will be made on a rolling basis, and applicants will be notified that they have been accepted. Submissions without a verified charity payment page (such as Just Giving, Charity website donation page, etc) will not be accepted. No funds will be sent directly to an individual. Only one charity submission per person, and a maximum of £100 will be donated to any one person.  BetweenGlassBlinds reserve the right to remove any submissions.
Apply with the following to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
• Name:
• Nominated  Charity:
• Fundraising Event:
• Event Date(s):
• Total Fundraising Goal :
• Current Amount Raised :
• Fundraising Amount Requested (max £100) :
• Fundraising payment website :
• Tell Your Story :
For further information visit the BGB website






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