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Aluk Appoints Retail Specialist In New Sales Director Role

Wayne Heath
AluK has appointed retail sales specialist Wayne Heath as Sales Director for the trade and residential side of its operation. This is a new position and reflects AluK’s commitment to putting its fabrication and installation partners right at the heart of its business.
Wayne has a long and successful track record with the likes of Everest and Anglian, including board level experience, and spent three years with the automotive giant We Buy Any Car, helping the business transform the way that consumers buy and sell in the second-hand car market.
He will therefore be bringing broad knowledge of the changing retail landscape to AluK and helping customers understand how they can best respond to that through new sales and differentiation strategies and digital first offerings.
Wayne said of his appointment: “It’s great to be back in the window and door market, especially with such a strong brand as AluK. They can already add a huge amount to our customers’ businesses through value added services such as training, technical support, and testing, but we’re taking that up a level now with the launch of a new package of direct retail support under our AluK Home banner.
“I’ll be out and about a good deal over the next few months meeting customers, introducing them to AluK Home and listening and understanding what more they want from us as their aluminium partner.
“We all know the cost-of-living crisis is already starting to impact the economy, so my focus will be on making sure AluK responds quickly and intelligently to any tightening in the window and door market and that we stand side by side with our customers giving them all the support they need.”
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