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Vision magazine takes a closer look at the newly-launched Ultraframe Flat Roof system with Alex Hewitt, Ultraframe Marketing Director, to find out more about the system and how a Flat Roof can be more versatile than you may think.
“Following the recent launch of our new Flat Roof system at the FIT Show, we have received some fantastic feedback. As with all Ultraframe systems, our new Flat Roof is extremely fast to install, energy efficient and simple to order. It is also compatible with our new hup! building system which is set to revolutionise the way that extensions and conservatory transformations are built.
While flat roofs are undoubtedly extremely popular due to the streamlined, contemporary aesthetic they offer, many people mistakenly think that a flat roof is purely functional, and that any aesthetics come from the extension design and windows/doors below and/or the rooflights atop of it. While this might be true of many flat roof systems, we have tried to create something different with ours and are delighted to offer a choice of four fascias and an extended soffit. These options allow the homeowner to really tailor the aesthetic of their extension and can quite dramatically change the way that it looks as you can see from the images.
Flat Roof Fascia options
• Flat Cornice available in 2 or 4 tier. This cornice is ideal for bringing a clean, modern aesthetic to any home extension
• Curved Cornice this cornice adds a decorative touch but still has a modern feel
• Classic Fascia the classic fascia adds a touch of more traditional style, ideal for older homes or those wanting to retain a traditional look for their extension.
• Bespoke Fascia the option to create a fully bespoke fascia for those wanting the ultimate in personalisation.
• No fascia 
There is also the option to further enhance the exterior aesthetics with the addition of an extended 240mm soffit option which can be used in conjunction with the larger 4 tier cornice designs.
Of course, these are not the only ways to personalise an extension or orangery. Each Flat Roof can incorporate either one or two  Lanterns or Flat Skylights – at sizes as large as 5.7m x 3m, which really does offer the chance to add the ultimate in ‘wow factor’.
As you can see, during the design process for this latest roofing system, we have really done all we can to move it from a functional roof style, to one that also offers many aesthetic benefits that will appeal to a homeowner.
Our new Flat Roof system makes ordering and fitting so simple; For each roof there is one order with structural calculations, lanterns and skylights included. This saves our customers the large expense associated with a structural engineer. While the Flat Roof alone is a tremendous piece of engineering, when coupled with our new hup! building system, it really does offer a fantastic way to build highly energy efficient extensions and orangeries in a fraction of the time of a traditional build.
Flat Roof at a glance
• One roof, one order with structural calculations, lanterns and skylights included
• 7 soffit and fascia designs including elegant cornices 
• BBA approved Ultrapanel technology
• Spans up to 5.6m without steels
• Supports rooflights up to 5.7m x 3m.
• Thermal performance that exceeds Building Regulations – 0.12W/(m²K)
• Fully insulated ring beam and kerb
• Up to 50% faster to fit than traditional methods
• Time saving, patented Pitchlock fall system
• Delivered as a flat packed kit with easy-fit soffits and clip-fit panels
Speed of fitting is another huge benefit of the new Flat Roof, with fitting times being slashed by 50% when compared with a traditional flat roof build. Not only is it incredibly fast to fit but it also offers on-site ease, thanks to its flat packed nature and easy clip components. Finally, as with other roofs in the Ultraframe portfolio, the new Flat Roof offers class-leading thermal performance of 0.12W/(m²K) that exceeds the upcoming enhanced Building Regulations.
As you can see, there is far more to say about a relatively simple-looking roof style than people might think! We are delighted that we have managed to create such an efficient way for our customers to create beautiful flat roof extensions and orangeries and we are already looking forward to seeing the stunning projects that our new Flat Roof will be used on.”
To find out more about the new Ultraframe Flat Roof and its perfect partner, the hup! building system, visit 






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