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Summer Garden Giveaway

Our great British summer has finally landed, and to celebrate the fine weather, Edge Building Products are giving their customers the chance to win a selection of fabulous garden-themed prizes throughout the whole of July.
As a family-owned business, Edge Building Products places a big emphasis on family values and outdoor living, and they develop their seasonal customer campaigns with this in mind. 
Their ‘Summer Garden Giveaway’ focusses on enjoying the outdoors with family and friends. The campaign runs for four weeks in July (4th – 29th July) in the form of a free prize draw. Each customer order counts as an individual entry, and customers have the opportunity to win a selection of prizes, including a freestanding swimming pool, BBQ, tent and patio heater. Two lucky winners will be randomly selected each week and they will be contacted by Edge directly to inform them of their win.  
This campaign is part of a wider strategic decision to develop their customer loyalty programme and drive retention by rewarding their customers for their business. Edge are running a wide range of customer campaigns this year, which not only recognise their customers’ loyalty, but they reflect and communicate the company’s values too.
Edge Building Products have trade counters across the South-East in Croydon, Chichester and Horsham
Contact their sales team today with your requirements 0345 021 3333 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 






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