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Wake hup! To The Future Of Home Extensions

Visitors to the Ultraframe stand at this year’s FIT Show will be the first to see the company’s revolutionary new hup! building system. Put simply, hup! is the better way to build home extensions and conservatories.
 The system consists of a fast to build and highly energy efficient wall solution that can be used in conjunction with any Ultraframe roof – allowing installers and builders to create every possible style of home extension, orangery, or conservatory, quickly and easily.
Explaining more about the new hup! system, and how it differs to traditional methods of building an extension or conservatory, Marketing Director, Alex Hewitt, said: “There are many challenges facing installers today: brick and skills shortages, more complex installations which need more time on site, unpredictable weather, complex consumer demands, post-COVID demand, and of course, the changes to Building Regulations. We have put huge amounts of research into the hup! system to create a solution to these problems – and more – and we think that installers will be delighted with the result.”
hup! at a glance
Five times more energy efficient than the average UK home using Building Regulation compliant materials. 
Fewer trades needed for easy project management - no brickies, just one conservatory fitting team.
Five times faster to build than traditional methods, enabling installers to collect cash quicker. The wall in particular is assembled rapidly - 10 square metres of wall takes less than 5 minutes to assemble!
Manufactured off site, there is no cutting needed on site, reducing waste and time. 
Ultimate design flexibility – choose your own claddings and windows & doors, and design, specify and price each project in easy-to-use software.
With rising material costs, the price of your hup! specified in the software won’t fluctuate, helping you quote with confidence.
Engineered by Ultraframe using BBA approved technology and manufactured in a BBA approved factory, with hup! you can be assured of a consistent high-quality finish. Comprehensive training means that fitting teams are confident and competent.
Continuing, Alex said: “The hup! system is truly unlike anything else on the market. It uses highly energy efficient and BBA approved Ultrapanels in place of brick walls, and engineered Ultraframe roofing systems in place of timber and slate roofs, making it five times faster to build than traditional methods. Available in any roof shape on footprints with 90° corners, installers can combine hup! walls and claddings with a choice of 5 Ultraframe roofs to create a bespoke hup! extension or conservatory. Arriving as a flat packed kit, there is far less mess and disruption than with traditional methods, meaning happy homeowners. Finally, the groundbreaking technology in Ultrapanels means that a hup! build is on average at least five times more energy efficient than the average UK home so hup! extensions are every bit as warm and thermally efficient as the rest of your home – if not warmer!”
Along with the revolutionary hup! wall system some of the roof choices available are also brand new and will be on display at this year’s FIT Show. Installers can choose from the new-to-market Vista and Flat Roof, or well-known Ultraframe favourites, the Glass Roof, Tiled Roof (Ultraroof), or Hybrid Roof (Livinroof).
a revolution in extension and conservatory construction
The expansive choice of Ultraframe roofs means that there are a huge amount of style options for hup! extensions, with roof styles ranging from well-known classics such as lean-to’s and gables, through to highly contemporary new choices such as the reverse lean-to Vista with a choice of pitches, or the new Ultraframe Flat Roof with Lanterns or Flat Skylights. In total, there are a whopping 13 roof styles to choose from, offering complete design flexibility and catering to even the most adventurous of homeowners. No matter how complex the design appears, the simplicity of designing, specifying, ordering, and building a hup! extension never waivers.


Concluding, Alex said: “Our ambition is to change the way people extend their homes by harnessing the strengths of conservatory installers who already provide a superior service in terms of design, customer service, speed of build and project management. With hup!, what would usually take weeks can be built in days and what usually takes months can be built in weeks as the majority of the building work is done in a factory, which also means less mess and disruption for the homeowner. This next generation of home extensions will be more thermally efficient than ever, yet still have plenty of natural light as a result of large areas of glazing from our expansive choice of roofs. hup! is thermally efficient, simple and quick to install, and designed to work with any windows, doors and claddings so that retailers can continue to use their preferred solutions and differentiate themselves. We believe that installers will win work from local builders because they will be able to increase the capacity of fitting teams and provide warmer, brighter, better designed extensions far quicker than a traditional builder. Never has a strapline been truer than when we say that hup! is the better way to build.”
FIT Show 2022 starts Tuesday, 10 May and ends on Thursday, 12 May - register here






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