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Customer Update

Dear editor, the past 12 months truly have been a whirlwind, for both fabricators and installers alike.  Our industry has faced huge challenges in terms of supply, pricing, labor and demand all at levels never before seen.  As we move into the last push of 2021, I thought it would be a good time to update you on what we have been upto over the past few months here at DWS.
Whilst we have been working tirelessly behind the scenes to secure supply of raw materials including profiles, hardware and glass we've also had several projects on the go as part of our commitment to you and our future.  The ongoing re-investment programme which is being made to update our factory with new machinery, additional space, add more delivery vehicles, more people and more stock will total over £1million+ once complete.
Our new car park is now complete, anyone who has visited us over the years will know the challenges we face with parking.  With this new area we not only gain additional parking spaces, but an area designated to recycling.  In-turn this has created space in our main yard that we will shortly be using to hold stock of Anthracite Grey on White profile, which over the past 12 months has accounted for a whopping 60% of all foil orders.  This means we will be offering Anthracite Grey on White (chamfered only) from stock on the same lead-time as white shortly.
Within our factory, huge changes are underway in terms of layout and space.  We've installed a mezzanine floor with conveyor and lift systems, which has added roughly 1400sq ft to our manufacturing floorspace.  This area is currently being kitted out and will eventually house our window sash hanging stations.  This will free up much needed space on the ground floor for additional door hanging stations and extra machinery in the future.
We're also in the middle of building an extension to the rear of our factory, which will add a further 550sq ft to our manufacturing floorspace and is due to be finished mid-December.  This area will house part of our new main sawing and machining centre which is being installed at the end of December 2021.
Our plans for machinery have evolved over the past 12 months, our main sawing and machining center is now 13 years old and is due to be replaced at the end of the year.  This will not only increase our capacity by 50% but also add huge efficacy gains into our manufacturing process whilst improving the standard of finished goods.  We had also ordered 2 other machines, but as the year progressed so did our vision and understanding of what we needed so we cancelled the order.  After some careful thinking a new order was placed for 3 machines which are all due for installation in Q2 of 2022.
Our current delivery fleet comprises of 2 Iveco Daily 7.5t box wagons and an Iveco Daily LWB hi-top van.  In June we ordered a further 2 Iveco Daily 7.5t box wagons, but there have been significant delays on these vehicles due to build times continually being extended by the custom body builders. However I'm overjoyed to report these vehicles started deliveries at the end of last month!
As part of our commitment to our team, we have taken on a dedicated HR person who now looks after all aspects of staff welfare in conjunction with their line managers.  Not only have we employed more people in key areas with more to come, but we have strived to not only give them the tools to do their jobs, but to achieve more.  Whether those be physical tools, software, reports etc... we've got an open door for ideas and a forum for our team to discuss improvements. But their goal is simple, be the best we can be.
Lastly, I want to personally thank and reaffirm our commitment and continuing partnership with our customer base.  Without our customers, none of this would be possible and we are still taking very significant measures to safeguard your supply.  As always, we are committed to becoming the best we can be for you.
Regards Nick Trueman
Direct Window Supplies Ldt






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