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Increase Your Capacity By Up To 15% Without New Processing Machinery

Glass processors could increase capacity by as much as 15%, almost instantly according to Bohle, supporting them in maximising return on continuing high levels of demand. 
Time lost to cleaning machinery, water tanks and replacement of tooling, can significantly reduce  manufacturing capacity, adding up to tens of thousands of pounds each year to overheads  in downtime.
This, according to Bohle, can be eliminated overnight with the addition of a sedimentor to their lines.  
“That’s an up to 15% efficiency gain for a very low level of investment”, said Dave Broxton, Managing Director Bohle. “It’s instant additional capacity at a time when the sector is struggling to get product out of the door to meet demand. 
Suitable for a wide assortment of grinding, drilling and sawing glass equipment, Bohle sedimentors use a sophisticated and automated, multi-stage process to remove contaminants from coolants and water. This includes filtering of glass particles of < 5 µm or less - but also doing so using far less energy. 
“If you needed more of a reason to get one than instant additional capacity and better product quality, then you might also want to look at the tax breaks available for machinery investment”, Dave continued.
“They’re there as part of the COVID bounce back fund. Designed to encourage companies to invest in long term productivity gains, the Government is offering some big breaks for investment – but they won’t be available for ever, so you need to get on board now if you want to tap into them.” 
This includes the Super-Deduction scheme allows companies to claim a deduction in their tax bill if they invest in new plant and machinery with a capital allowance of 130% on qualifying equipment. 
In real terms, this means that as a glass processor if you committed to spend £100,000 on machinery, you can deduct £130,000 from your taxable profits.
“Sedimentors don’t cost anything like as much as that but the contribution they can make to your business is 130% (well, 115%!)”, Dave said. “There will never be a better time to invest.” 
For more about Bohle’s product and service offer visit  email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call the customer services team free on 0800 616151 for more information






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