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UAP Ltd Revamps Intelligent Hardware ‘Essential’ Range To Boost Pick And Go Sales Potential

UAP Ltd has refreshed its Intelligent Hardware ‘Essential Range’ with new products, new packaging and new graphics to help builder’s merchants, wholesalers and trade counters benefit from increased pick and go sales.
Available with a compact, flat-packed and easy to assemble point of sale (POS) display to help entice customers to buy, the Intelligent Hardware Essential Range includes over 100 products across internal door hardware, external door hardware and window safety. All items are clearly branded and labelled, with eye-catching graphics for ease of identification and blister packaging for ease of display and robust protection of the product.
New lines including letterplates, door knockers and door viewers have been added to the popular range, which is now co-ordinated and instantly recognisable in its new format. The varied products are all stamped with the Intelligent Hardware ‘Best by Design’ seal of approval and have been selected by UAP Ltd’s experts to ensure the range offers excellent choice and compatibility. Every item is supplied with full fitting instructions and UAP has also produced literature to help customers familiarise themselves with the range and select the right combination of products for their needs.
The free-standing, metal POS unit, which has been specially designed for the Intelligent Hardware Essential Range, allows everything to be displayed neatly so that customers can view what’s on offer. The pick and go packaging and displays are designed to reduce wait times and entice impulse buyers, making it quick and easy for customers to select the right items with the innovative product selector.
Simon Marr, general manager commented: “The new look, packaging and POS will help merchants and trade counters to attract increased sales and, because UAP has such extensive UK stockholding, the wholesale sector can rely on consistent availability too.”
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