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Veka Group Commitment To Recycled PVC-U Marked By Tanker Deliveries

A commitment to recycling PVC-U by the VEKA Group that spans almost three decades, is epitomised by a photograph that captures a delivery of recycled PVC-U pellet by VEKA Recycling Ltd, to sister company, VEKA PLC.
Deliveries by tanker allow 26 tonnes of high-grade PVC-U pellet – enough to provide 75% recycled content for  27500 metres of profile - to be transferred at each end of the journey in less than a couple of hours, with as many as three deliveries per week. The process is considerably quicker than the alternative delivery method of one tonne bags that are lifted on and off the delivery vehicle by forklift truck. 
“The completion of our Wellingborough plant enables us to supply our sister company in Burnley not simply due to the availability of high volumes of recycled material, but also because the quality satisfies their exacting standards” explained Veka Recycling’s Managing Director Simon Scholes. “Although we are both part of the Veka dynasty, we have not been given the automatic right to supply Burnley. We had to demonstrate an ability to supply high volumes of the finest quality material, on a regular basis. There was never any question of a silver spoon,” added Simon.
Veka plc MD Neil Evans said that the completion of the Wellingborough plant, followed by strenuous trials, enabled his company to honour its commitment to the inclusion of higher levels of recyclate in its products: “This commitment is contained in our latest CSR [Corporate Social Responsibility] manifesto published in 2021, which details our commitment to sustainability in every aspect of our business. I am delighted that our sister company has been able to open as scheduled despite the difficulties of building the plant during the pandemic, and also that the quality and volumes are to our very exacting standards.”
VEKA recycling Ltd continues to supply a number of other established customers with recycled material, including manufacturers of electrical conduit, air conditioning ducting and other building materials: “Veka plc has become an important customer, together with others with whom we have traded for many years. But it feels very special to see end-of-life window and door profiles, being re-manufactured into new frames,” added Simon. 






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