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Modplan Thank Staff With Company Celebration

The senior management team at trade fabricator Modplan recently held a celebratory afternoon for all their employees at their Newport-based head office.
All staff across the entire business downed tools and came together to enjoy a fun afternoon on Friday 1st October to recognise their hard work and commitment throughout the pandemic.  
Heidi Sachs, Managing Director  explains: “Since the end of lockdown one, our business has seen an unprecedented rise in demand for our products which has impacted the entire business. Whilst we have proactively put in place several new business measures and made considerable investments in manufacturing equipment to increase our output, we couldn’t have achieved our record growth without our talented staff. And our celebratory afternoon was a way of us showing our continued appreciation to everyone at Modplan.”
Modplan is a successful fabrication business that builds strong partnerships with a growing customer base and drives product innovation. But behind the scenes, there beats a company whose core principle of appreciating their staff is first and foremost, as this employee afternoon demonstrates. Held on site in a large marquee, the branded event saw a hog roast taking centre stage, with snacks and refreshments running throughout the afternoon.
To protect the safety of all their staff, the company was conscious of following strict Covid protocols that included track and trace by table, temperature checks on entry and a one-way system within the marquee. Heidi said: “Throughout the business, we have adopted the strictest Covid safety protocols to keep all our staff safe. So even though we wanted this to be a relaxed and enjoyable afternoon, we still ensured measures were in place for the protection of everyone."  
Heidi concluded: “It was lovely to see everyone enjoying themselves after such a difficult 18 months. We are immensely proud of all our employees who remain dedicated to Modplan and our customers.  As such, it was only right that we thanked them for their efforts.”






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