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Join Us For A Drink At PiGs Birmingham

Following the incredible turnout at Manchester PiGs in August, Birmingham PiGs is set be a massive success on 4 November at Revolution du Cuba on Temple Street. 
“We are in a new and bigger venue in Birmingham,” says Sarah Ball, Director at Balls2 Marketing and organiser of PiGs. “Which is lucky because we had completely outgrown the last one. 
“We are super excited to be back in Birmingham, it’s always an event that’s well attended and rounds off the year brilliantly. Obviously, with one thing and another, we have only run two events in 2021, but we are hoping to be back next year with all 4 venues: Manchester, Glasgow, London and Birmingham. Also there’s the possibility of a PiGs Vegas trip for anyone who is looking to go to Glassbuild America next October.”
All the latest info can be found at  with regular updates of upcoming events and details of sponsors. 
“We had to book a much bigger venue for Birmingham this year, so without the generous support from sponsors, PiGs wouldn’t be going ahead,” adds Sarah. “Thank you to all the companies who have backed the Birmingham event.” 
Join the industry for a great night on 4 November 2021 from 5pm at Revolution du Cuba, Temple Street, Birmingham B2 5BN. Booking is really easy on Eventbrite, for a FREE ticket go here






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