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Granada Secondary Glazing Unveils New High-Spec Product Range

Granada Secondary Glazing has launched its ground-breaking new product range, which the company claims is set to be the most high-specification secondary glazing solution on the UK market. 
Featuring ultra-slim, durable aluminium frames, the entire range offers even narrower sightlines than its predecessor to create what is set to be the most unobtrusive secondary glazing system available for homeowners, trade customers and commercial partners.
Marketing Manager, Lewis Hartley says: “We’ve consulted a number of our customers throughout the process to ensure we’re offering a product that truly meets their needs in terms of improved aesthetics and increased acoustic and thermal performance.”
On certain product types, the redesign has increased the glass expanse by more than 30mm when compared to the original range, flooding rooms with extra natural light.
“For larger glass expanses, or for higher performing glazing, there is now no difference in aesthetics,” continues Lewis. “There are no bulky frames needed to accommodate superior glazing options; the entire range is sleek and slimline.”
Innovative functionality has been incorporated into Granada’s new secondary glazing range, such as a ‘slidepass’ feature on the vertical sliding units that allows the panels to slide completely past each other for unbeatable cleaning access.
As well as superior aesthetics, the new range also performs equally as impressively from an acoustic perspective, ensuring products of all shapes and sizes remain quiet and tranquil.
Other key benefits of the new range include glazing up to 10.8mm (versus 8.8mm in the original product line-up), and the availability of integrated locks, cleats for even tighter mitres, restrictors and anti-lift blocks.
Mike Latham, Commercial Sales Director at Granada Secondary Glazing, adds: “The early conversations I’ve been having with our commercial partners regarding the new range have all been exceptionally positive.
“We wanted to put together a product that would give architects across the UK a secondary glazing solution that effectively tackled noise intrusion, offered extensive heat retention and looked great in the process. We believe we’ve ticked all three boxes and look forward to a hugely successful rest of 2021.”
Suitable for all property types, Granada’s slimline aluminium secondary glazing frames can be powder coated in over 200 RAL colours at their 40,000 sq ft manufacturing facility. Virtually invisible, they blend in with any interior décor. The range encompasses hinged, sliding, vertical sliders, including tilt back, and lift-out options. Full training and marketing support is available to installers across the UK.
Zoe Grafton, Trade Sales Manager  comments: “The new range has been through a rigorous research and development process to ensure we’re able to offer the most high-spec secondary glazing solution on today’s market.
“Long gone are the days of bulky, obtrusive frames and complicated locking mechanisms; our new range is sleek, stylish and performs impeccably. We’re all incredibly pleased with the outcome and are extremely excited to be able to offer the new range to our valued trade customers across the country.”
For more information about adding the Granada Secondary Glazing range to your business, please call 01909 499899, visit or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..






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