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GGF Relaunches Consumer Code For Home Improvement Companies

The Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF) is pleased to announce the launch of its revised Consumer Code of Practice for consumer facing companies. 
Since 1977, the GGF has operated a Consumer Code of Practice for all Member companies who sell direct to consumers to comply with. The content of the Code was in previous years agreed with The Office of Fair Trading and then in 2015 approved by the Chartered Trading Standards Institute.
Earlier this year as lockdown restrictions were eased and with consumer confidence returning, the GGF executive team reviewed the Code and amended the content to ensure that it was fully up to date.
The new code takes account of legislation affecting both consumer and companies from the sale, through to the survey, installation and guarantee. On producing the revised Code, Peter Stuttard, Head of Membership commented, “Given the circumstances over the last 18 months, we felt it was essential to update the Code to reflect any changes and to make sure that what we are asking of our Members, and what consumers are expecting when they employ a Members, is legal, correct and accurate.
The amends in the Code content were checked by the companies legal advisers and also approved by the Chairs of the Consumer Management Group and Marketing Communications Committee.
It expects the revised code to enhance the offering by Member companies to consumers, and contribute to their sales growth.  
The Code will be accessible to consumers to view/download from the GGF’s consumer advice website.   
The company advises all consumer facing members to use the code to give consumers reassurance that they are using a company who is operating to a high level code of practice throughout the entire home improvement process. 
The Code is available to download free from the website and printed copies are available with prices starting at £1.75 per copy.
Digital copies of the new Code can be downloaded and/or viewed on the GGF trade and consumer websites, and respectively. 
Printed copies are available via the GGF’s online shop






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