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Cladding Just Got Animated

Freefoam Building Products are proud to announce the launch of a new animation style video to illustrate how to fit cladding. 
In recent years Freefoam have seen a steady rise in sales of its PVC cladding range. However, in the last 18 months, with homeowners using disposable income to improve their properties, sales have skyrocketed. Freefoam have recorded a 55% increase in sales making cladding a fantastic opportunity for any home improvement company, builder or pvc fitter. But, as with any home improvement product, the success of a job, and indeed ongoing recommendations, depend on the quality of the installation. In order to help companies capitalise on this opportunity Freefoam have now created a video animation to show all stages of the cladding fitting process. 
Leigh Russell, Freefoam Technical Advisor commented “Our cladding system is designed to be easy to fit whether you are a professional installer or a homeowner working on a DIY project. We provide detailed fitting instructions to ensure that installations are carried out correctly so that the cladding can perform as intended. For first time installers,  getting to know the system can still be daunting. This animation offers users the chance to familiarise themselves with the cladding and demonstrates all the critical aspects of an installation. ” 
One of the most important aspects in any pvc cladding installation is the ventilation. Creating a cavity (ideally a 5mm continuous gap) between the internal wall and the cladding, with a suitably sized, unobstructed, gap at the top and bottom, allows for air to flow freely through. This ensures minimal heat build up and expansion and contraction of cladding boards.  The video also highlights how to ensure every installation includes adequate ventilation by using Freefoam’s clever ventilated starter and closer trim.
Marketing Manager, Louise Sanderson, summarised “We are always looking for new ways to communicate with our audiences and help make our product range accessible to all. Working with a specialist digital agency and our inhouse technical team we have created a very high quality fitting video that we can use on all channels.






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