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3 Stars Of Orion

Hardware specialist VBH has added to its family of greenteQ profile cylinders, the new Orion 3 star barrel.
Orion is tested to TS007 and is rated as a 3 star profile cylinder. This means that it offers full protection against drilling, picking, bumping and snapping without the need for any additional support such as a security handle or shroud.
It is supplied with 5 Q-branded dimple keys for the standard individual cylinders and is available in nickel and brass finishes in key/key and thumb turn variants. VBH advise that keyed alike pairs and suites are also available. The thumb turn itself features a button that releases the cam from the inside after the interlocking mechanism has activated following a cylinder attack. This ensures that the door can be opened quickly from the inside. 
Dan Powell, Head of Sales, comments “We’ve taken our time developing Orion as we wanted to make sure it was just right for our customers, whether they’re fabricators or installers, or if they’re on the locksmith or repair side. From the feedback we’ve had, our greenteQ design team have got it right again.”
The company advise that the lock is supplied with ‘a wealth’ of guarantees and security features. As well as its 10 year performance guarantee, It is backed by the proteQ10 snap guarantee that will pay the home owner £2000 if the cylinder snaps and allows a break in. This is on top of the Q-secure guarantee that will pay out up to £8000 in the event of an intrusion. This is a Q-secure premium product.
When the consumer registers their Orion for its performance warranty and proteQ10 at they are also invited to enter a personal password. When they do this they are enrolling in Orion’s Key Security Scheme that means that additional keys cannot be cut unless the password is quoted.
Dan concludes “The performance warranty, proteQ10 and Q-secure guarantees are already impressive, but adding the additional layer of security that the Key Security Scheme brings makes Orion a really serious player in the profile cylinder market. We’re delighted to have added it to our greenteQ range.”
For more information on greenteQ Orion or VBH’s range in general, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., call 01634 263300 or visit






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