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New Partnership Lets Building Our Skills Attract Multi-Discipline Newcomers To Fenestration Industry

Building Our Skills has teamed up with the Learning Skills Partnership in an initiative that is intended to attract newcomers into roles in the fenestration industry that go beyond those of the well-known hands-on site-based variety.
Going forwards, Building Our Skills will offer a range of apprenticeships run by the Learning Skills Partnership in the business areas of trade supply, accountancy, customer service, admin and project management. Of particular interest is expected to be the Trade Supplier Apprenticeship, which is ideal for those operating a trade counter.  John Ogilvie, Director Building Our Skills explains more: "I think we would all agree that the growing skills gap in fenestration extends to none site-based roles. The truth is that the industry has not done enough to publicise the fantastic range of career pathways it can offer. What we want to do is offer fenestration industry employers better access to newcomers from all disciplines, offer them learning programmes, and encourage them through other offerings such as our training academy and GQA’s extensive list of industry-relevant qualifications. We'd like them to commit themselves to this industry and forge their careers here in the long term. Working with the Learning Skills Partnership will help us to achieve these goals." 
Learning Skills Partnership's Simon Alsop, MD added: "We, Building Our Skills and its partner organisation, GQA Qualifications are all committed to the principles of learning, people development and qualifications as multiple means of raising business standards and addressing skills shortages. Through discussions it has become clear that these are common goals, and I am delighted that the apprenticeships we can offer will help to promote and drive this agenda.  What we can offer additionally is a recruitment service for employers – a one stop shop of finding them the right people locally based to their business, the right apprenticeships for employee’s skills and employer’s needs."






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