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Kubu’s Selling Opportunities For Installers

With Kubu, there’s a full range of promotional materials and a free showroom set up programme for installers eager to start up-selling doors to smart-sensor technology today. There’s also the backing and expertise of Avantis Hardware behind this revolutionary and proven technology. 
Thousands of doors are manufactured every week with a Kubu multi-point lock, and it’s been designed with an integrated slot for a Kubu smart-sensor too. Installers can now upsell doors to ones that are Kubu equipped as part of a smart package for no additional cost and it’s a means to close more sales to tech savvy consumers. 
Activating the Kubu hub couldn’t be easier for consumers, download the Kubu app, plug in the Kubu hub, insert the sensor, much in the same way as inserting a SIM card into a mobile phone, and then follow the activation process through the app. There’s no requirement from installers at the point of installation, just point the consumer to the website to buy the Kubu Kit and then all queries are handled directly by Kubu.
First-time activations for Kubu are already impressively high and with more consumers than ever before getting smart, it’s an opportunity for installers to get ahead as the industry is already becoming increasingly smart-led. Kubu is also perfect for any showroom environment and makes for a real focal point, helping installers to stand out from the competition. 
Lauren Bromley, head of brand for Kubu commented: ‘There’s never been a better time to start selling smart-sensor technology with Kubu. The product is now proven in the field with an ongoing development programme and it’s backed with considerable marketing resource, so it provides trouble-free upselling opportunities.
She continued: ‘Several of the industry’s most trusted and respected PVCu frame manufacturers are Kubu partners and they and their respective customers are thrilled with it. So why not join the Kubu revolution today and we’ll even list you on our new consumer website!’ 
For further information please visit, e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 0330 555 9545 for a free information pack. You can also follow them on all leading social media platforms @KubuSmart. 






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