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Record-Breaking £15m Sales Period For Clearview Home Improvements

A Preston-based retail installation business has recorded its best ever seven-month period, with sales rocketing past £15m between June and December.
Clearview Home Improvements tapped into major spikes in demand for contemporary extensions, conservatories, orangeries, windows and doors to hit a 67% increase over the same period in 2019 - success that was driven by a proactive sales and marketing campaign and virtual sales appointments.
The company, which is part of the Conservatory Outlet Group, also saw two members of its sales team enjoy record-breaking figures in 2020, with both registering over £2m of annual sales. 
“It’s without a doubt the most successful period I’ve experienced since joining in 2011,” explained Gary Oakes, Sales Director. 
“Achieving such a sustained period of success, during a time of genuine uncertainty, is testament to the hard work and pragmatism of the entire team. Nobody knew how the market was going to react after the first lockdown was announced, but we were confident in our ability to provide our customers with a first-class service and deliver exceptional value, irrespective of the fact that we couldn’t carry out home visits.
He continued: “Our team spotted the change in consumer attitudes to spending more on home improvements during lockdown and were quick to maintain a proactive, multi-channel marketing approach that focused on generating virtual sales appointments with customers from across the region. This really paid off.”
Whilst many businesses adopted a more conservative approach and ground to a halt, Clearview was able to generate enquiries in excess of 75% higher than its year-on-year totals throughout the first lockdown, with its ‘Stay-at-Home Sale’ campaign delivering a ready-made order book ahead of its return once the restrictions were lifted.
Riding the crest of the wave throughout the remainder of 2020, the firm maintained strong enquiry levels over the months that followed and were able to average over £2m in monthly sales up to the end of December.
Greg Kane, CEO of Conservatory Outlet Group, continued: “The last twelve months have certainly been challenging, but the hard work of everyone from across the business has ensured the Clearview brand has come out the other side stronger than ever! From lead generation, lead appointing and showroom demonstrations, to sales presentations, sales leadership and everything in-between, this has been a magnificent success and I’m incredibly proud of everyone involved.
“We’ll now be working just as hard to deliver an exceptional service throughout our operations teams and continue to build on our successes. 2021 is showing no signs of slowing down from a sales perspective and we look forward to celebrating similar achievements this time next year.”
For further information, please visit or follow Clearview Home Improvements on Facebook






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