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Trust Tuffx To Get The Job Done

A private residence in Cupar, Fife, in Scotland, completed a stunning roof terrace overlooking a park, with a simple yet elegant glass balustrade with toughened glass supplied by TuffX. 
TuffX supplied 21.5mm toughened and laminated glass for the Easy Glass Prime frameless base railing. A combination of clear and opaque panels were used, for clear, unobstructed views over the green in front while ensuring privacy on either side.
Toughened glass specialists TuffX was chosen to ensure a smooth and trusted supply of quality glass for the project, cut to bespoke specifications including to accommodate where the balustrade met the angled roof. 
The resulting near-invisible glass balcony is a simple, elegant, no-fuss solution that took just two days to install around the slate roof terrace. 
“Our customers know they can trust us to deliver high-quality glass made to their detailed specifications quickly and accurately,” said Graham Price, TuffX’s Managing Director.  
“Our toughened safety glass comes in options to suit all aspects of a project – whether it is clear glass for great views, opaque glass panels for privacy or, as in this case, a combination of the two. And of course we can advise on what might suit best, with our team that has over 20 years of experience in the trade.” 






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