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Time To Go Shopping For Software

Installers can head straight to the website to register their details and purchase the brand-new TOUCH Vendor remote sales and ordering software from the Business Micros Group 
When they enter the store, they can watch a ‘live’ demo, check out the pricing options and see how to add it to their website and get started. They can also download a complete guide to the software and use the live chat function to get instant online help and support setting up their account.
Of course, the store is packed with information showing how TOUCH Vendor works and all the clever features and end to end compatibility which make this Business Micros group solution stand out from the other software tools designed for installers.
Paul Callaghan from group company The Consultancy, which was behind the front-end design of TOUCH, says it’s the solution that installers have been waiting for from the biggest name in fenestration software.  It uses industry standard data and, crucially, doesn’t tie the installer to any single supplier.
He adds: “Now that the store is open, installers can get started with TOUCH Vendor straightaway – they just need to set up their account, choose how many users they want to add and enter their payment details to access a free trial.
“It’s just a few simple steps for them to add in their own colours and logos and choose which products they want to quote on from the in-built menu. They can be generating leads from their website, pricing those enquires from within the software and using it for remote or even socially distanced, face to face sales calls within a couple of hours.”
All the details are at:






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