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2021 Promises To Be Another Extraordinary Year For Warmer Roof

­From it’s humble beginnings in April 2018, armed with a vision and the determination to offer customers a new and exciting product that would transform their conservatory in an easy and  affordable way the company has grown into a phenomenal success story.
Such has been the company’s triumph that it is now in a position to double it’s manufacturing capability with the introduction of 2 new CNC machines to aid production, 2 new 7.5 tonne HGV vehicles to their existing fleet of 6 and a new extraction system which enables a cleaner working environment to help achieve one of three already attained ISO standards.
Each Lockdown has led to a massive increase in people wanting more space or improving their existing situation, but for many the cost of alternative options had put them out of reach.
Proving it’s innovation, at the start of 2020, Warmer Roof released it’s brand new kit form range of Garden Rooms, dubbed the ‘Warmer Room,’ complimenting the expansive range that already features Flat Roofs and Lanterns, and Tiled Pitched Roofs both having JHAI building control accreditation.
All can be seen at the company’s specially built 5,000 square feet showroom housed next to their factory in Frome, Somerset which with the acquisition of another internal storage building and an expansion of current external storage takes their total area to 40,000 square foot. 
Dilip Choudhury, Sales Director said: “It’s a pleasure to work for a forward thinking company which wants to invest in new machinery, logistics, and employees to allow the ongoing success of Warmer Roof to continue.
The whole workforce are all pulling in the same direction and have taken up the mantle to make Warmer Roof and now Warmer Room, be the best products available.”
He added: ”The domestic market is buoyant at present and we are continually taking on new trade customers who have realised that an alternative to conventional aluminium conservatory roofs is now available, that is not only more cost effective but is also easier and quicker to fit. Ultimately, the end result is that our customers are making more money by using the Warmer Roof products.
You only need to look at the growth of Warmer Roof over the last two and a half years to see, that our approach and products must be right. 
The introduction of the Warmer Room to our portfolio can only increase that growth, and we are now able to offer our customers a one stop shop for the domestic market. Throughout 2020 Warmer Roof fixed their prices and this is something we are going to carry forward into 2021 which may offer our customers some consolation after the uncertainty surrounding both the Pandemic and Brexit”
Karl Muspratt, MD, agreed saying: “When we started Warmer Roof I had complete faith in the replacement conservatory roof product that we were going to offer but the success since then has exceeded my wildest dreams and I can only say a big thank you to not only our existing customers but also to all our staff involved. I wish a prosperous 2021 for everybody alike within the industry and most importantly given the circumstances, good health”






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