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Ultion Delivers Weekend Orders On Mondays

Ultion orders placed over a weekend will now be delivered to customers on Monday. All telephone and on-line orders placed up until 1pm on a Sunday will be with locksmiths and installers ready for the working week. This also includes bespoke orders for keyed alike requirements. 
Brisant Secure, the hardware house behind Ultion, has a reputation in the industry for smashing standards and a series of firsts. Providing homeowners with extreme security needs to be 24/7, but until now locksmiths can wait days for a bespoke requirement, ordering on a Friday afternoon and not receiving product until Tuesday for example. 
Nick Dutton, CEO, comments: “One of the things we learned from 2020 was that even though businesses may be closed, burglars still burgle so locksmiths still need locks, and they need them quickly. We’re delighted to offer this new service to customers. If homeowners don’t have it, security becomes extremely important to them. That’s why we’ve created an extreme service to deliver extreme Ultion security. With many locksmiths featuring the term 24/7 in their business title, current service standards can make this impossible to achieve. We’re changing that.” 
As one of Britain’s fastest growing businesses, Brisant Secure recently appeared in the annual Sunday Times Virgin Atlantic Fast Track 100 for the second consecutive year. The company has grown by providing homeowners with the extreme security they’ve always wanted. The Ultion family of locks was expanded this year to provide a secure solution for all situations. With a focus on extreme security and innovation, Brisant is launching two new locks: the Ultion 1* cylinder, and a new Ultion 3* product which will be available in the new year. 
Discover more about Ultion at call 0115 784 3162 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..






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