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22% Of Installation Companies ‘Price On The Night’

From conversations with over 350 installation companies in 2020 Tommy Trinder, pioneers of Framepoint Technology®, estimate that around 22% of businesses deliver a ‘price on the night’ to homeowners. CEO and founder, Christopher Brunsdon, explains:
“Over 50% of all installers we’ve spoken to tell us they send off to suppliers for a price on every job. Whilst around 25% of businesses use various bits of manufacturing style software that enable them to get prices from their fabricators. The remainder have developed selling prices for their product range and price on the spot during the initial sales consultation.”
Meeting the needs of installer’s diverse ways of pricing has been a cornerstone in the development of Tommy Trinder’s Framepoint app.
“We’ve invested over a year of product development in making sure we can make pricing easier for installers – however they choose to sell,” says Chris.
Installers can send pricing requests to multiple suppliers directly from the app in a click which saves re-drawing everything multiple times. Or, with Framepoint’s new advanced pricing module, installers that want to sell on the night can pre-populate the app with price matrices for any PVCu, aluminium or timber product.
“Flexibility is key,” says Chris. “For example, installers may want to charge extra for a ‘rip out’ compared to installing into a ‘prepared opening’, add extras for skips or scaffold, and flex the final selling price with discounts and adjustments. The app can cope with that and more. It has to, because installers encounter all these things in the real world when selling to the public.” 
Installers can find out more about Framepoint® and book a free demo at






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