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Staying Safe, Looking Great With Tuffx

An elegant building requires an equally elegant safety glass solution – which is exactly what toughened glass specialists TuffX recently supplied to a residential complex in Scotland.
The client required fifteen Juliet balconies to provide both unobstructed views and unrivalled safety from multiple storeys of windows. TuffX supplied 17.5mm toughened clear glass in varying sizes, with a perfectly aligned finish and brilliant polished edge, to fulfil the brief. 
The results are stunningly unobtrusive balconies, providing not only great views from the inside looking out, but also a barely-there high-end addition to the outside of the building. The finished balconies complement the stonework façade in a minimalist, modern manner, without imposing on the building’s original beauty. 
Great views are coupled with maximum safety – with the glass providing high-fall protection for the large windows, which can be opened up completely to bring the outside in on good days. When the weather turns, the view from the closed windows is equally unimpeded, with the toughened glass ready to stand up to whatever the elements can throw at it. 
“This is just the type of project TuffX is proud to excel at,” said TuffX’s MD Graham Price. “With 25 years as the UK’s leading safety glass manufacturer, we have both the expertise and the capability to provide the best products for the best solutions, for safety glass that looks as good as it functions.”






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